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Our why

Our mission

To support and promote the importance of taking care of ourselves, and in doing so we help to take care of others.

We connect with passionate and talented health and wellness providers to deliver authentic experiences for all genders, ages and interests. From luxury high end escapes to build your own retreats on a smaller budget, or a one day workshop, we are fully inclusive. We then purpose our profit to create a positive effect in our communities by making health and wellness experiences available to more people, more often, without any prejudice. Here’s how….



Charitable Trust

We Retreat was founded on the basis of making profit for a purpose. For every experience booked via our website we set aside a portion of our profits so we can fund work where it’s needed in the community.

This is the mission of the We Retreat Charitable Trust*. We give our providers the opportunity to apply for funding that can help an individual, charity or group, who they know really needs it. The funds will give them the means to carry out pro-bono work within the community.

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